About Us

We’re on a mission to make a win-win possible.

Our story

The story behind how our organization was founded

We have over a decade of experience in innovating and bridge building. 

By way of our hybrid work - a for-profit and nonprofit partnership - we bring over a decade of experience. Mission: Launch was founded by Teresa Hodge, with her daughter, Laurin Leonard in 2012 with a mission to make it easier for people living with records to successfully rejoin community after serving time in prison or jail. Through this work they went on to build the revolutionary tech company, R3 Score and a large body of work of entrepreneurs and thought leaders. 

Today, Teresa leads the Just Decisions platform, which is dedicated to helping institutions successfully implement R3 Score to unlock the inherent value in people living with records. As a formerly incarcerated and African-American woman led collaborative they bring a unique and timely experience.

Just Decisions is built on our collaboration handshake

Just Decisions is a platform combining R3 Score, a revolutionary credit score tool for people with records and businesses, employers, mortgage agents, and organizations with the knowledge of the non-profit organization Mission: Launch.